Modular homes are installed on a basement or a crawl space. Manufactured homes are installed on concrete piers or on an engineered slab.

The major difference is that manufactured homes are federally regulated by the HUD Code. The HUD Code provides the design and construction requirements for the complete production of the entire home in the factory, with some modifications permitted for on-site completion. Modular homes fall under the auspice of the model building code enforced in the jurisdiction where the home is to be located. These can be the BOCA National Building Code, or the ICBO Uniform Building Code.

Modular homes can be built just about anywhere unless the covenants in a development state otherwise. Manufactured homes can be installed in your town, private lot or manufactured home community.

The actual building process at the factory takes between 3 and 4 days. The order time depending on the time of year can take 4-6 weeks. Homes of Harmony stocks 23 modular and manufactured homes which can be purchased and installed in a very short time.

Modular and Manufactured homes can be financed by local lenders, mortgage companies and credit unions. Rates and terms vary by institution.

Homes are built in a state of the art climate controlled construction facility never being exposed to the elements during the construction process. Because of this process homes are safe from vandalism too. Computerized saws are used for precision cuts. Jig systems are used to make sure floors, walls and roof trusses are straight. Expandable foam adhesive is used to install the ceiling drywall to the roof system-this method is stronger than nails/screws thus no nail or screw pops in the ceiling. Modular and manufactured homes can be built and finished in a third of the time it takes to build a site built home.